Styled Shoots


As photographers, it can be overwhelming to create a styled shoot for yourself while still having to be creative and get all the shots; let me help take on the hard work so you can be the creative.



If you are a bride looking for styling assistance at your wedding or a photographer wanting to take some of the creative load off your shoulders, this is for you.



Are you hosting a workshop but aren't sure how to coordinate all it entails? I can help execute your vision to free yourself to cultivate relationships with your attendees and do what you really want to do -- teach.



How long is the process?

On average, depending on scale, from the time from inquiry to the shoot is about 2-3 months. Some larger scale projects require a little extra time.  

How is it curated?

I have an intensive questionnaire I send to you after booking. We will have multiple email and phone consultations to ensure your vision and goals are clear and I include you throughout the entire process.

What if I'm unsure of my goals?

I love to help with this journey; after being in the business for over a decade I've been able to roadmap goals for a number of photographers over the years and help them focus their vision. 

Do I need to provide anything of my own?

The experience is designed to simply let you be the creative and show up to shoot. However, if you have something special you've been wanting to incorporate, please let me know.

Can I submit the images for publication?

Absolutely! And that is one of the joys of this experience, is it is unique to you alone. No more having to wait for the host to submit, or having similar portfolio images as other photographers.

What does the pricing look like?

Pricing is all inclusive based on your budget and goals. On average, clients spend $2k-$4k on their custom experience to work with some dream vendors but we can work with many budgets big or small.